Simply Homeopathy: About Us

We are homeopathic practitioners who have been studying, teaching and working together for 20 years. We have worked as a team in delivering training courses for homeopaths, supervising trainee homeopaths and encouraging collaboration and study in the homeopathic community. Our practice reflects our belief in the potential of homeopathy to change lives not only symptoms. We feel it is essential for our own personal growth to have ongoing homeopathic treatment and supervision. Mutual support of weekly meetings has been invaluable in developing philosophical understanding and practical skills through discussion and reflection on all aspects of homeopathic practice. After graduating from the College of Homeopathy, we have continued our studies with Joseph Reves, a contemporary homeopathic master. His spiritual yet very practical approach has enriched not only our work, but our lives as well. We are grateful to him for his inspiration.

Our homeopathic practices have been nourished and influenced by a life long commitment to holistic living and health, embracing yoga, organic food, good nutrition and spiritual awareness.

Llesley isaacsonesley Isaacson: I live and work in Ruislip and have been working as a homeopath since 1988. I am on the register of the Association of Classical Homoeopaths and have been involved in the training of homeopaths. I am trained in counselling skills and supervision and have been teaching yoga since 1979 ( I train teachers for the British Wheel of Yoga ( and am the past Education Chair of the BWY. I regularly write feature articles on the interface between yoga and homeopathy. In my spare time, I play tennis, cycle and love reading and the theatre.


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