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Ask yourself the question “how healthy are you?” For most people, the mind goes to the physical body and an evaluation of illnesses past and present. In homeopathic terms, health includes not only the physical, but also your relationships with others, with the environment and with the spiritual. The interconnectedness between physical, emotional and spiritual is of primary importance and in homeopathy these are considered as a functioning unity and never in isolation.

What do we mean by spiritual in relation to homeopathy? It is looking at how we as individuals relate to the whole. The whole encompasses our connection to others, the environment, and especially our connection to the universal energy which sustains us all and of which we all are an intrinsic part. As homeopaths, we consider that this life energy is nurturing and supports good health.

Whatever disturbs you on a spiritual level will be reflected on both the emotional and physical planes, although each level expresses itself in a different language. The spiritual disturbance is often hidden, but it reveals itself through your actions and through your emotional and physical symptoms.

The process of homeopathy is quite simple – it offers you the opportunity to look at your life and actions and provides you with the means to change direction. This is done during the consultation and through the relationship that you build up with your homeopath. At all times the unity between spiritual, emotional and physical is acknowledged which allows deep changes to occur. This is why homeopathy can influence your life, not just change your symptoms.

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