Simply Homeopathy: The Consultation

the first meeting

The consultation is an essential and integral part of the homeopathic healing process. It provides a confidential environment where you can build up a trusting therapeutic relationship with your homeopath. You will be invited in this quiet space to explore in depth all the problems in your life, spiritual, emotional and physical and how they affect you. Your homeopath will guide you towards recalling significant events which may have affected your health or influenced your life, junctions in your life where you have made choices or perhaps changed direction.

Together you will be looking at the journey of your life from your birth (and possibly before) to the present moment paying particular importance to any repeated patterns in terms of behaviour and response. This process will help you to see more clearly your current situation and how your responses to life’s events have brought you to where you are now.

During the first part of the consultation your homeopath will remain quiet and listen. This opportunity to talk freely allows you to make connections between your current symptoms and events in the past which you may not have been aware of. These links can be a valuable insight during the healing process and useful for the selection of the right remedy for you.

You may then be asked some questions in order to clarify or elaborate on what you have said. For example many people suffer headaches but each person will experience it differently. Is yours better lying down, walking around, worse in the morning or starting in the evening? Where do you feel it and what is the nature of the pain? Does warmth help or do you prefer cold? You may have talked about “stress” but what does this really mean for you, what sets it off and what feelings do you experience? Maybe you feel better for a run in the open air or just sitting quietly, are you better with people around you or do you avoid them? These are termed modalities and are very important in the choice of a remedy individual to you.

Your life story together with your symptoms and modalities paint a unique picture of who you are and how you respond to people around you and your environment. In homeopathic terms this whole image is the measure of your health not just the symptoms that you currently experience.

In the treatment of babies and children the input of the parents or close family members is important. Details of the pregnancy, birth and formative years provide valuable indications as to how the present state of health developed.

At the end of the consultation which usually takes anything from one to two hours your homoeopath will feedback her understanding of your situation and will discuss the next step. The short and long term possibilities for your health will be considered so that you have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved.

the next step

The consultation is just the start of the process and further feelings or thoughts may continue to arise. It is useful to record these and share them with your homeopath. Additionally, you may be asked to make certain changes to your lifestyle, for example diet or daily routine.

In the meantime, your practitioner will be studying the information you have given to discover the links between your life and your symptoms. Choosing a suitable remedy involves a detailed analysis of your story to identify the key aspects which relate to each other and to the totality. It may seem as if the various aspects of your life and symptoms are separate and disconnected but what she is trying to do is discover the thread which links them together to form a coherent whole. These linked symptoms form a picture of your disturbed health which is then matched to a homeopathic medicine with the ability to create a similar picture when proved on healthy people. This is the Law of Similars, the cornerstone of homeopathy.

after taking the remedy

In the weeks and months after taking the remedy, changes may occur not just in your symptoms, but in your life. It will be helpful in the healing process to give detailed feedback of these.

After taking the remedy, it is useful to closely observe your life and its direction as an indicator of the healing process and discuss these in detail at the follow up consultation.

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