Simply Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

how does a homeopathic remedy work?

In order for a remedy to be effective, there are 2 essential factors: similarity and strength. It needs to be similar to, and stronger than, the symptoms displayed. By similar, we mean that the remedy must be capable of producing a similar set of symptoms when tested or proved on a healthy person. A medicine can only become a homeopathic remedy if it is selected according to this Law of Similars. The notion of similarity lies in the fact that the medicine can affect a particular totality of symptoms. This affinity gives it the power to change them. Thus the medicine can both produce symptoms (in a proving) or ameliorate them during the healing process.

Strength, in homeopathy, is termed potency. This means that the power of the remedy can be adjusted to be stronger than the natural illness and, in this way can overcome it with the help of the vital force.

can I have other treatments after I have taken a remedy?

After taking a remedy, you will be in a very sensitive state whilst this first stage of healing unfolds. Therefore it is best to let this process progress unhindered. Because homeopathy works on an energetic level, any other treatments which work on this subtle level could interfere with the work the remedy is doing in changing the energy pattern. When considering any treatment designed to remove symptoms without reference to the whole, it is useful to bear in mind that the remedy is aimed at the totality and the process is in a state of flux. Maximum benefit will be gained by allowing this to happen without interference. If in doubt, ask your homeopath.

it is said that homeopathic remedies are so dilute, there is no active ingredient; so how can it work?

The preparation of a homeopathic medicine involves not only dilution but the unique process of succussion. This requires the systematic shaking of the medicine between each dilution so as to liberate the subtle energy inherent in the substance. The transformation of what was material into latent energy allows the medicine to work on that more subtle level, in other words through the vital force or life energy. This in fact renders the therapeutic agent more powerful, not less, as it is now able to affect the energetic level where symptoms originate.

will I get worse before I get better?

Some symptoms may briefly increase in intensity but this is usually a sign of the healing crisis. When you take a remedy, your vital force absorbs the information from it on an energetic level. Because the remedy is chosen for its similarity to your existing symptoms, these appear to increase as you now display both the original symptoms and those being registered by the vital force. In a sense, the vital force has to redouble its efforts to deal with both the natural and medicinal symptoms. This has two effects. Initially, your symptoms aggravate as the vital force struggles to overcome symptoms on two levels. The result of the struggle, however, is that the vital force is now stronger and can overcome the natural symptoms which it was unable to do beforehand. Now the symptoms can start to improve.

Knowing the reason for this aggravation and that it should only last a short time helps to allay concerns that things are just getting worse.

what about my diet?

Good nutrition is always important in any healing process and can positively support the process. It is preferable to eat and drink sensitively in the first few weeks, in moderation, avoiding anything specific which you know aggravates you. This might include highly seasoned foods, raw onions or garlic; it may be that chocolate or red wine triggers a headache – these should be avoided. In this sensitive state, consumption of anything which stimulates the nervous system, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, is best avoided or taken in very small amounts. These are general guidelines and specific details can be discussed with your homeopath.

For certain people, food and drink are used for their medicinal effects. For example, “I can’t function in the morning without a coffee”. For this person, the coffee is acting as a stimulant and masking the natural state of tiredness.

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